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The key to a happy guest

The key to a happy guest

Many of us already thought to list our home as a vacation rental, but have a listen to what travellers say makes a space inviting and welcoming, and what’s a turn-off.

For starters, amenities and cleanliness are a key point.

Usually travellers rate their vacation experience about the quality of their accommodations, followed by amenities that are functional and thoughtful. Nice linens are keen in online reviews. So along with nice shampoo, consider a welcome basket with a bottle of wine, a bicycle or fully loaded beach bag. Focus on potential guests’ comfort.

Put in place a cleaning plan after every guest check out. Look at this as an investment in your business. Think: if a restaurant is dirty you’ll never go back, right? and it’s the same with your short-term rental.

Everyone has different standards for tidiness, so it’s best to go pro. It has to look, feel and be CLEAN. That means having a professional service handle your rental before and after each guest checks out. Your reviews will skyrocket and that’s worth its weight in gold. Get rid of stained or worn carpeting, refinish wood flooring, and lay fresh tile or new rugs. Provide several good mirrors, as well as storage, and a folder on how to operate things: the last thing any guest wants is to try and figure out how to use the TV remote or turn the AC on and off.

Consider including suggestions for what to do and where to go in the area. Draw up a calendar of fun local events and deliver it at check-in or by email. The guest will love and appreciate it at the time of make a review.

Try to avoid “junk drawer” effect, saving by kit out rentals with dated furniture and hand-me-downs. Home is in many ways a reflection of our most intimate selves. When you turn a property into a short-term rental, it’s time to shift your thinking. The key is finding a balance: a space that’s neither too personal nor impersonal. Guests differ about how much personal style they like in a space. Try to invest in a standout piece or two, if you can. It’ll be enough.

The No. 1 reason for guests not booking is bad image. Cellphone photos won’t do. Think of short-term rentals like online dating. If you take bad pictures and/or don’t dress up for the shots, you just get swiped and forgotten. A professional photographer must be engaged, and the whole area needs to be designed or even staged so that the lifestyle is being sold every bit as much as the accommodation.

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It may be your guests’ first time in your city or town. You may not physically be there, so anything you put in your rental is acting as guide and host. Anticipate what they’ll need before they know they need it. That’s the key to a happy guest.

Hostbelieve provides a fully service to manage your rental and understands the guest’s needs due to it’s experience managing home’ owners. Professional advice and services are provided along the stays and can help you stand out from competitors as well maximising your profit. We are present in Lisbon, Cascais and Costa da Caparica. Give us a call and tell us your story.

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