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Run a short-term rental and have free time

Run a short-term rental and have free time

One of the biggest advantages of having a Short-term Rental Management Company for your property is the time it frees for you and your family.

It is the opportunity to go on holiday and be assured your guests are well received, your accommodation is clean and taken care of, your tax obligations are met and your income continues to grow, doing nothing.

Good news, are not? But there are more advantages to hiring a Short-term Rental Management Company.


Ad Quality and more Income

Short-term rental Management companies have experience in the creation and publication of Ads in terms of content, keywords, astonishing images and optimization prices, which lead to a higher ranking in search results. The impact on income, especially in the first few months, is quite significant.

Communication with Guests and Welcome gift

Quickly and professional responses are crucial in getting reservations, especially when guests come up with more complex issues. The face -to- face check-in is another critical activity to the success of your accommodation. In addition to the useful information, tips and maps, many management companies have in their service a welcome gift at check-in, which contributes for the first good impression, adds value to guests’ relation and contributes to good reviews.

Interior Design and Equipment

Management companies, as a rule, have professionals who can advise on the decoration and equipment suitable for short-term rental activity, since they have to guarantee resistance, durability, functionality, provide a pleasant environment and they know each one needs special care regarding the specific and intensive use.

Check-in, Checkout, Cleaning and Maintenance

This is the point where you should pay more attention. The cleaning, maintenance and security of the accommodation between each stay must be ensured 24H/7 in a professional manner in order to ensure guest satisfaction. Most reviews have this evaluation point as one of the most decisive for an opinion capable of leverage your business or lower your chances of securing more bookings.

Digital Marketing and Partnerships

Short-term rental management company, as well as being able to boost bookings in their own channels on the web (website and social networks) can offer other solutions, such as e-mail marketing for direct capture of guests or use partnerships with companies and institutions for accommodation of employees and visitors.

Service Packages

As with hotels, the availability of optional services packages (transfers, tours, restaurants, health and others) increases the booking potential of your accommodation, enhances guest loyalty and can contribute to better reviews.


Compliance with legal requirements is essential in this activity so as not to have surprises from the State when it comes to verifying that it has reported and paid everything on time, namely SEF and municipal tourist taxes.

Tax Optimization

Did you know in a model of short-term rental cessation contract, the owner only includes in his IRS income the portion of the guest’s income that is excluded from the fees of the Short-term Rental Management?


Minor Direct Contact with Guests

Many homeowners love direct contact with guests even when check-ins or checkouts are done late without notice when you need to wait in the accommodation for long periods of time.

Less profit

Apparently, when hiring third parties, owners give up some of the revenue. Analyze the knowledge needs, own operational capacity, business experience and above all the availability of time when deciding to hire a Short-term Rental Management company.

Other Cost Factors

There are cost factors chargeable to homeowners who are often not clearly described. Water, electricity, TV, Wi-Fi, maintenance and insurance are examples of cost factors that should be present in the hiring options of a short-term rental management company.

Hostbelieve is a short-term rental management company present in Lisbon, Cascais and Costa da Caparica that can help you find the best solution for your accommodation and free time for you.

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