CASCAIS - What to do

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House of Wonders

The best Cascais terrace is at the top of this coffee shop-gallery that serves vegetarian, vegan and summer meals, even raw. It is worthwhile to go there to buy crockery, to drink a glass on the terrace and to see the sights, or to taste one of the salads, juices, cakes or tea of the house, always made according to the imagination of the owner. Well worth it.
Address: Largo da Misercórdia 53, Cascais
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-23:00

Rua - Juicy Mixology

By day, the Street gets a surname, Juicy Mixology, and serves as a healthy food space and juice bar. During the week there is an all day breakfast menu, plus take-away sandwiches, all signed by Sarah Maraval from the Green Chef project; On Saturdays, brunch includes Greek yogurt, fruit, granola, artisanal bread, hot eggs and other options, almost all organic and from local producers; on Fridays and Saturdays at night, the blenders, superfoods and fruit give way to a range of bottles, the DJ booth is occupied and the party is done both inside and outside.
Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano 82, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat 11:00-17:00
Price: Up to 15€


Taberna Clandestina

It functions as a snack restaurant in the hours of sunlight – mostly based on cheese and sausage boards – and at night turns into a bar. As it is not easy to get a table and only accept reservations until 19.00, what good people do is to spend in Clandestina, as it is known, to drink a gin and tonic, a glass of Portuguese or Italian wine, a beer or a cocktail of the house, with lemon juice, basil, ginger beer and gin.
Address: Rua Afonso Sanches 36, Cascais
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu and Sun 12:30 – 16:00, 19:00 – 00:00; Fri.-Sat 12:30-16:00, 19:00-02:00


The sands, classic dry cakes that, once crushed, look like a child’s sand bucket, have the first records in Cascais in the 19th century; the walnuts of Cascais, more humid cakes, will have been born in the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, built in the 16th century (where today the Cultural Center of Cascais exists). They have a glazed sugar coating, more crispy, and half walnut on top. They are on sale at Bijou de Cascais, a classic pastry, on the way to 90 years.
Address: Rua do Regimento 19 de Infanaria 55, Cascais


A Confraria

One of the oldest Japanese in Cascais. It delight those who visit it through a kitchen with melting touches, but where there is also space for traditional dishes and to eat some of the best salads in the village (inheritance of an old French coffee that existed there). It serves good sushi for meals and salads at any time of the day. On sunny days, you can enjoy the terrace.
Address: Rua Luís Xavier Palmeirim 14, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 12:30-00:00; Fri.-12:30-02:00; Sun 12:30–00:00
Price: Up to 40€

Fortaleza do Guincho

Awarded by the Michelin guide, it is a restaurant where the raw material comes mainly from the sea.
Address: Fortaleza do Guincho, Cascais
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:30-15:00 / 19:30-22:30
Price: Up to 50€



Restaurant on the edge of the beach in Cascais where once the Vila Foral has worked, there is a bar on the ground floor that is well connected to the kitchen. There are community tables (two with more than ten seats), dishes to share and a nice cocktail list, including a celery caipirinha. Also noteworthy are the nails in a shard of cake made with beer (a collaboration with Beers Center), limpets to madeirens and desserts, a mousse that is a statement: “hate mouss and liquid chocolate” (“Odiamos mousse e chocolate liquido”) is the name to look for in the menu. At the weekend there is music until 2am.
Address: Avenida Dom Carlos I 48 r / c, Cascais
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 12:00-15:00 / 19:30-00:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-15:00 / 19:30-02:00 (kitchen closes at 22:30)

Pateo do Petisco

If what you are looking for is a restaurant to celebrate the fashion of snacking, voilá. A corruption of employees walks between the interior rooms and the esplanade, loaded with platters with potato skins, Padrón peppers, eggs with asparagus, alheira croquettes, nails or steaks. More Portuguese flavors do not exist.
Address: Travessa das Amoreiras, 5 (Torre), Cascais
Opening hours: Every day 12:00-23:30


Moa Sushi

The latest Japanese from Cascais is anything but the traditional black and red sushi restaurant we are used to. It is a breath of fresh air, with a nice terrace, bossa nova coming out of the columns and a menu made by the sushi designer Hotel Nuwe Pekel / sushiman / surfer.
Address: Travessa das Oliveiras, 13, Torre, Cascais
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12:30-15:00 / 19:00-22:30
Price: 25-40€

Furnas do Guincho

It is from the sea that come the wonders that are eaten there, whether fresh or cooked seafood – the tasty paella, for example – or the famous fish. Not happy, there are other options not to be missed, such as the lobster stew or the octopus cataplana, to eat in the indoor room or on the terrace, when the time is right.
Perfect for: A lunch on the sea, on those days without wind
Required: the Lagareiro Cod
Address: Estrada do Guincho 21, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:30-16:00 / 19:30-23:00; Sat-Sun 12:30-23:00
Price: Up to 40€


Mar do inferno

In case of great hunger, throw yourself to the sea plate, with sea bass, gilthead shrimp, mussels and accompaniments. Or, stand by the seafood.
PERFECT FOR To be able to say with propriety to locals that “went to Lourdes”.
MANDATORY: Prove The Witches of Cascais.
Address: Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália, Boca do Inferno, Cascais
Opening Hours: Thu-Tue 12:30 – 23:00
Price: Up to 40€

Monte Mar

For more years to come and fish and seafood restaurants that open, Monte Mar will continue to be a safe haven in this area. After all, in a few places you can eat lobster crepes, hake fillets or meunier flounders as good as here – besides the fresh fish of the day and good seafood. And then there’s the old story of the location on the rocks, the unique esplanade and letting the customers hang out on the rough sea days.
Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora do Cabo 2845, Guincho, Cascais
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-16:00 / 19:00-23:00
Price: Up to 40€


Estoril Mandarim

It is one of the most genuine Chinese restaurants in Lisbon and serves the true flavors of the Kuong Tong region. For lunch, the mythical dim sums are the jewel of the crown and they are always coming out, while at dinner the options are still difficult to enumerate, so we make it easier for you: the duck in Beijing is one of the specialties along with the shark.
Address: Casino Estoril, Avenida Dr. Stanley Ho, Estoril, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00 / 19:00-23:00
Transportation: Train Estoril
Price: Up to 50€

Cimas English Bar

A classic that survived the glorious 50s and 60s of the Costa del Sol: there passed royal families, politicians, intellectuals and spies. The heavy environment has not changed, as does the deliciously time-consuming list that keeps the seafood cocktail in the “acepipes”, the steak scraped in the dishes and the banana flambé in the desserts.
Address: Avenida Marginal, Avenida de Sabóia 9, Monte Estoril, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:30-15:00 / 19:00-00:00.
Transportation: Train Monte Estoril
Price: Up to 40€


Guincho Bar

In Guincho Bar, on the side of the Abano beach, it is a good refuge for those who are not for big vendors or for those who do not want to risk (or is not with great imagination, go) to choose another beach bar to catch the sun. The menu has everything that is asked of a beach bar, without great inventions: toasties, hamburgers, sandwiches, snacks, salads and fresh fish. In the summer you have a fun party.
Address: Estrada do Abano, Praia do Guincho 547, Cascais
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 12:00-19:00 (Fri and Sat closes at 00:00)

Blue Bar Baia

The Blue Bar Baia is the bar of Hotel Baía, which, as the name implies, is situated in the full Bay of Cascais, with a dignified view, to be confused between sand, boats and sea. The terrace is so attractive that even the Cine Society has spent movies there. The drinks menu could be larger, but still one goes away, between gins, sparkling and whiskeys the thing is done.
Address: Hotel Baia, Passeio D. Luis I, Cascais
Opening Hours: Set-Thurs 18:00-22:00; Sat-Sun 18:00-00:00



The Cascais Marina was once the best place to go out in Cascais at night. Today, unfortunately, there is not much life left, but there is still good reason to drink a glass here after dinner: the Hemingway. This historic bar (and restaurant) has a menu of excellence with great gins and cocktails prepared and served by anyone who knows the subject. The music is always good.
Address: Marina de Cascais, Loja 58/60, Cascais
Opening Hours: Tue-Tue and Thu 18:30-02:00. Fri 18:30-03:00

Town Market

The market in Cascais, baptized in 2014 as Market Village, was born in 1952. A few years ago it was 100% reformulated and became a hub of restaurants, bars and temporary markets.
Address: Rua Padre Moisés da Silva 29, Cascais
Opening Hours: Terraces and shops: Mon-Thurs and Sun 09:00-00:00, Fri and Sat 09:00-02:00; Fishmonger and Butcher Shop: Tue-Thu and Sun 08:00-14:00, Wed and Sat 06:30-15:00; Flowers, fruit and vegetables: Tue and Thu-Sun 08:00-16:00, Wed and Sat 06:30-15:00, Saloio Market: Wed and Sat 06:30-14:00


Cura Style

The Cura opened in early February in a small shop in Estoril but is already well stuffed: for now there are eight minimalist brands, for men and women, but the idea is to gradually expand the offer. It has Komono, Stutterheim, Clae, +351, Five, Commodore, Matt & Nat and Ucon Acrobatics.
Address: Avenida Sabóia, 915 C, Monte Estoril
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-13:00 / 15:00-19:00

Sup-paddle board Ocean Activities

The calm seas of the first beaches of Paredão, Conceição and Duquesa beaches can be a hassle for those who enjoy surfing and surfing, but are a treat for those who have discovered the wonders of stand up paddle (SUP). The technique is learned in less than nothing and you only have to rent a board, wear the vest, grab the ply, climb aboard the board .
HOW TO GET THERE: At Cascais Station, look for Hotel Albatroz. Right next to it is the entrance to Paredão – and this is the first beach. Shortly thereafter, the Duquesa is found, good to practice stand up paddle.
Address: Rua Frederico Arouca 175, Cascais


Fitness Park Guide

If walking in Cascais is likely to cross with people in sports. Paredão and Ciclovia invite to pull by the muscles, and the gymnasium inaugurated in 2017 in Avenida Diana Spenser, near the Casa da Guia, with eight training stations, came to help the party. There are informative posts to use the appliances without making injuries and best of all stayed to the end: Guia’s Fitness Park has a beautiful view of the sea.
Address: Avenida Diana Spencer, Cascais
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Price: Free

Cabinet of Curiosities

Get ready to enter the most eccentric house in Estoril. The Cabinet of Curiosities is a collection of small rooms that form an enchanted world where you can find pieces of decoration different from everything you know, hand-picked by Gracinha Viterbo, the owner of the piece. There are furniture, cushions, lamps, paintings, carpets, fashion accessories and even fresh flowers.
Address: Avenida de Nice, 68, Estoril
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00


Déjà Lu

It is located on the first floor of the Taberna da Praça restaurant and is a special bookstore, with “books already read” sold for a cause of solidarity: 100% of revenue reverts to associations associated with trisomy 21. Instead of the classic divisions by sections, are organized in an original way as “books that put fear” or “literature naughty”. 
Address: Fortaleza da Cidadela, Avenida D. Carlos I, Cascais
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-19:00

Bairro dos Museus

Cascais created a true cultural microclimate with the implementation of what he called the Museum Quarter. The concept is simple and only requires that you take a walk around the perimeter that concentrates a set of equipment dedicated to the culture in the village. Conceived by the Cascais City Council and the D. Luís I Foundation, the Museum Quarter in Cascais stands out for its strong component of innovation and cultural coherence. To enter the buildings you can choose (go for us, which compensates) for buying the single ticket. It costs 8€ and gives access to all the equipment of the Museum Quarter.



The nickname of OHficina is Laboratory of Improbable Materials and it is with them that we work in this old greenhouse of Marechal Carmona Park, transformed into a playroom for kids of all ages. But serious jokes, since the project is based on education, environmental sustainability and art.
Address: Parque Marechal Carmona, Praceta Domingos D’Avilez Av. Da República, Cascais
Opening Hours: Mon, Thurs and Fri 10:30-13:00 / 14:30-15:30. Sat and Sun according to schedule

Parque das Gerações

It’s called Park of Generations and the name is not for nothing, since it is always full of people of all ages. There are about ten thousand square meters of ramps and unevenness, divided into several zones, perfect for skateboarding, cycling or other extreme sports. And it does not matter if you do not have experience, because in this skate park so much the great athletes walk on wheels like the youngest, that still barely balance on the board. Cherry on top of the cake, everything overlooks the sea. Address R. António Ferro, São João do Estoril