MOURARIA - What to do

Mouraria is the birthplace of fado and has served as inspiration for countless songs. It is the most atypical typical neighborhood of Lisbon and the ideal place for those who want to visit what remains of the Lisbon of fado and tascas


Casa Fernando Maurício

This small museum celebrates the life of the most beloved fado singer of Mouraria and the second most present figure in the iconography of the neighborhood – after the fado singer Severa. In three rooms we can see personal objects, photographs, prizes, posters, records and letters that give us an overview of the life and work of The King Without a Crown, as it was also known.
Price: 1€

OfIcina Santa Rufina

A space that has lived on Castle Hill for about five decades, but which is more famous among those who visit us. Few Portuguese ring the bell of the workshop today led by the artisan and designer Cristina Lopes, born in Mouraria and student of Querubim Lapa in António Arroio. She began to work in this workshop with only 19 years, knows well the corners to the house and the songs of all type of tiles.
Address: Calçada Conde Penafiel 9, Lisboa


Cantinho do Aziz

It was one of the pioneer restaurants of Mouraria and stands firm, with simple Mozambican food, spicy, and a menu full of really funny jokes.
Address Rua São Lourenço 5, Lisboa
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00.
Transportation: Metro Martim Moniz or Rossio
Price: Up to 20€

Zé da Mouraria

To speak in Zé da Mouraria is to talk about cod in large doses with grain and potatoes to punch, it is, in fact, difficult to live up to the size of the dish that comes to the table. The Zé da Mouraria, open only for lunch and with large queues at the door, has no single address in the neighborhood of the same name. There is, since 2015, an open brother in Rua Gomes Freire, which in turn serves dinners – these à la carte, which includes the classic cod on the barbecue or the little bifinhos alhinho. The rooms are always full, so please book.
Perfect for: Eat a lot, pay little and spend the afternoon at the table.
Mandatory to taste: The baked cod.
Address Rua João do Outeiro 24, Lisboa
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-16:00
Transportation: Metro Martim Moniz
Price: Up to 20€



It’s a small, cramped restaurant on a quiet first floor in Figueira Square and the service is not always the best in town. But the defects end here and the queue that often forms even before 13:00 is proof of that. it has the best flavors of India, all with a touch of home-made, large, well-stuffed flames with moist, spicy interior and crisp batter, on top of the best in Lisbon .
Address Rua dos Condes de Monsanto 4, 1º Dto, Lisboa
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 / 18:30-22:00
Price: Up to 20€


Time does not pass through it, as they say, or else passes away, but fame and profit remain untouchable. In this restaurant, which is also a Store with History, it is usual to run the croquettes, a kind of obligatory amuse-bouche of the house, and the meal goes on outside .
Address: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 23, Lisbon
Opening Hours: Every day 12:00-01:30
Transportation: Metro Restauradores / Rossio
Price: 65€ to 90€


Zé dos Cornos

The piano is the king of grill at Zé dos Cornos, a restaurant with tables and wooden benches. And it is to eat without prejudice and without fear of grasping the bone with your hands, with a few forks in the middle of the tasty bean rice and the fresh and tasty tomato salad. If the budget is shorter, do not even look at the cheese and ham dishes and shoot yourself at the dishes. As for the horns of the name is to look forward when one enters: they are hung high, large and twisted.
Must Do: Entrecote, bacalhau roast and feijoada on Friday.
Mandatory: say hello to Mr. João Ferreira.
Address Beco dos Surradores 3, Lisboa
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30-16:00 / 19:00-22:00
Transportation: Metro Martim Moniz
Price: Up to 20€

Pastel da Mouraria

We support all kinds of neighborhood desire, like this Pastel da Mouraria. Invented by the owners of Doce Mila, a pastry from Beco dos Cavaleiros, it is made from white beans, almonds, eggs and sugar. With a thin, light, not too sweet, it looks more like a queijada than with a beancake. A cake costs 1€ but you will want to take the box six (6€)


Adega dos Presuntos

Well, at Adega dos Presuntos, a place with no seats with a large stainless steel counter, with only three ham legs hanging on the ceiling. Bifanas (2€ each) are much sought after by the clientele of the neighborhood, multicultural and multi-populated. If you want you can ask to wrap a bread sandwich and then eat on a bus full of people. But why the hell are there so many people eating bread rolls on buses?
Address: Beco da Barbadela 10, Lisbon
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 08:30-20:00

Os Amigos da Severa

The cherry, at 1.20€ a glass, is what comes out the most. But there are also snacks (goes a boiled egg?), Beer and wine.
Address Rua do Capelão 32, Lisbon
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 16:00-02:00